Sunday, February 6, 2011

Mini Pau! - New Poster, New Price, New Choice!

Dear my valued customers,

            Thanks for being my great customers and I would like to announce the new poster, new price and the new choice! As promised, the Mini Pau! is now available and you can buy your favourite and have a taste of the new choice, Kaya! I am very sorry for the new price but really hope that you will always continue enjoying the irresistible petite Pau. 

Sorry for the inconvenience and thank you very much.

"Petite - Appetizing - Unbelievable"

Best Regards,

نبيل عبدالله

Thursday, February 3, 2011

Ingredients in Sausages: Halal & Clean or Totally Disgusting?

     Today, suddenly I wonder how sausages are made? Why? Mmm...Because recently I ate them a lot and started to like it very much. I heard so many disgusting stories about how sausages and burgers are made especially for McDonald's Malaysia. Normally I'll go to any hypermarket  to search for the cheapest sausages or any frozen food on sale. However, my favourite selection will always Ramly (even though it wasn't that cheap) because the superb taste of the sausages & burgers. If I've to save some money, I'll simply take the cheapest one such as Tesco's or Giant's sausages which cost me less than RM2.00 per packet.

      Back to the finding of the ingredients in making sausages, I found the history of sausage making! Let's read this... 

Hehe...disgusting isn't it? However, I wasn't satisfied with the answers because I wanted the answers to be in Malaysia context. So, I continued searching & found these...

*Please click on the picture to enlarge.


Ramly beef frankfurter is my favourite, but just now I tasted the chicken frankfurter and it was marvelous! Easy to cook & eat too (normally I'll steam it..=D). To be safe, after this I'll be very careful and always Ramly as my choice...huhu
*Pastikan Ramly...Baru Beli! =D

Oh ya... MAC SOOD SERVICE (M) SDN BHD is actually an established & leading multinational food manufacturer and distributor company for McDonald's Malaysia and other countries; Brunei, Hong Kong, middle East, Singapore & Vietnam.

What a relief... Some people told me that it wasn't halal, disgusting and etc. However, it wasn't so bad and even safe, clean & halal...Phew!

This post is written not to promote McDonald's but to tell the truth so at least we are confident of the halal status of certain restaurants or products. Too much fast food is not good for us too...For me, Mum's cook is the best solution..haha

Hopefully, this post will be beneficial for you & me!TQ...

P/s: Sometimes,  talking about eating can make me so excited...Woohoo!..

Tuesday, February 1, 2011

No Phone Zone: Death or Phone?

              Millions of people around the world text, talk or e-mail on their cell phones while driving. If you think you can call, text and drive at the same time, believe me, you cannot. Hearing to the ring tone in the car is killing me but by picking up the phone or reading/replying a message is enough to kill anybody and even myself. Experiencing an accident alone in my Kelisa that cost me RM5000 of damage is a terrifying nightmare and I can’t afford to experience it more.  Even though it wasn't a car accident caused by cell phone use, I don't think that I should wait until I have one. Thanks to الله for giving me another opportunity for me to live and love my life. I believe that it is hard for me to stop this stupid habit but nothing is impossible. I will try and make a change. إن شاء الله

بسم الله الرحمن الرحيم

Saturday, January 29, 2011

The Wall of Fame: I'm glad being a part of Cohort 4 because...

I met amazing friends...

We celebrate our happiness together...

We strive for the best...

We appreciate each other...
We have millions of memorable moments together...

We are family...

Thank you everyone.
You always enlighten my life.
I'm going to miss you.
All the best and I will always love everyone of you.
May Allah bless you...
نبيل عبدالله

Friday, January 28, 2011

From a Trash to a Success: Nothing Is Impossible

My Favourite Poster

From the desk of the production designer:
  It was almost impossible when we were dealing with all sorts of limitations; limited time, small budget, basic stage, lack of proper infrastructures and etc. However, it was another excellent production by Cohort 4 IPGKB. Nothing is impossible and we proved it! الحمد لله

 Watching Puteri Gunung Ledang the Musical in Singapore has given me a wide perspective on designing sets. Moreover, the breathtaking sets have given me a great motivation in producing wonderful designs for our production. Thanks to my brother in law, Abang Zaidi Agam for giving me the opportunity to watch it in Singapore with him and my sister. The only opportunity that I had. All the way from Kelantan, I went to watch the astonishing made in Malaysia musical.Thanks a million...
  I am proud to be a part of Cohort 4 and experiencing amazing moments in my life. Be one of them is one of the best things happened to me.The efforts, friendship, up and down, and the family spirit are the foundation of all the success.  

  As a production designer for our second production, Macbeth, it was a huge challenge and it wasn't easy to turn trash to success. 80 percent of the sources in making the sets and props were trash around IPGKB due to lack of fund for the Sets and Props Department. However, it was a wonderful experience when we dealt with it and finding solutions for all the obstacles. RM600 is to small in achieving big dreams, but big hearts lead to enormous accomplishment. 

Facts to be remembered:

  • Sets & Props
  • Costumes
  • Make-up (for Full Dress Rehearsals & the Show)
  • Publicity & Invitation (Printings - Documentations, Banner, Buntings & etc.)
  • Lucky Draw
  • Food & Beverages (Rehearsals, the Show & Free for Audience)
  • Tickets & Souvenirs (Free Bookmark for Each Ticket)

The pictures below show the journey in staging the play.

Preparation in Dewan Bakti, IPGKB

 Superb Teammates
(me in the cauldron..huhu)

Making the Backdrop
(The idea was to turn the original red background of the Wawasan Hall to suit the concept and mood of the play. We painted the white cloth to minimize the budget. We got the cloth and the paint from the IPGKB store for free=D)

Early Stage of Making the Sets; Cauldron, stones, cave wall/doors, & etc.

Making the Cave Door/Wall
*Mira(Red Baju Kurung) was helping me from 7.45am to midnight...Thanks a million Mira! I will remeber you always...

 The Cave Door/Wall

 Friends Helping
*From other department too (^-^) TQVM!
Scenery from the stage: During Sets Making & Rehearsals 

Paint It! (Me on the right..huhu)

 Almost done! Then touch-up!

The Brilliant Publicity Team
Again, we drew & painted it!

 Many hands helping...


Our Banner!
(Aimimah in this picture)

Clean Up Day
Sometimes, I don't believe that we did all this...

Costume Department
 At the girl hostel

The Chief of the Costume Department =D

Bump In Dewan Wawasan 

The Stage Layout

The Cauldron
 Touch Up

 The Black Backdrop
*Credit to Fahmi for helping me with the backdrop. He literally climbed the original backdrop...Bravo!

During Rehearsals
 The Moving Forest Scene

 Our Follow Light...haha
*Credit tu Hizami(in this picture)

 Meeting for Sets & Props Department


 "Make-up Artist"huhu..

Making the Trees

Setting the sets on the bridge.
Creativity + Courage = Cool Sets
 This is how it looks from the front view

 Shazni, the producer with his wonderful backdrop
 The Reflection
*It is important for us to reflect at the end of every activity.

 Our Beloved Madam Nori

 Preparing prizes for Lucky Draw

 One of my favourite set
*Credit to Shahrizal for making the turkey & other marvelous props

The Play...

 It is me!

The First Scene
*This is where the two rocks were in

 Macbeth House
*The Backdrop had been reused from our readers theater, The Prince's Luck in the TESL Camp 2006 at IPGPP

 This is where the ghost of the king appear

 The Witches' Prophecy

 Lady Macbeth in her room
*Lady Macbeth became crazy

 The Ending

 Lucky Draw
In this picture: Shafiq (Director of the play), our former Director of IPGKB, our former KJ and Fatin

 Group Photo of Cohort 4 with our guests

Last but not least, I would like to thank University Science Malaysia (if I'm not mistaken the theater department) for the amazing props. TQVM
I almost give up at that time due to not enough time in preparing the set for the last scene. Then Madam Nori brought me and my friends to USM, Kubang Kerian, Kelantan to meet her good friend from the department to borrow some props and costume. 
الحمد لله


 نبيل عبدالله
Production Designer